Online GATE Test Series

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The online test series by Engineer tree is designed is a such a way that it covers the entire syllabus. We are providing subject wise as well as full length test this will be really helpful for the students as they can judge their performance and analyse their weakness so that they can overcome all of them. The test series include basic and advance level questions that enable concept building and improve performance. Virtual calculator is also provided so that you will be comfortable with the virtual calculator.We are also providing video solution of each and every question along with text solution.And in video solution,other concepts along with detail solution of the questions are also taken into account. There are MCQ type as well as numerical type questions, All the questions are designed such that you are able to practice more and more questions that will be helpful for scoring more than 50+ marks


Why online Test Series ?


Online test series or mock test will be really helpful for scoring good marks in your gate examination. We all have a habit of solving questions by using pen and paper with a book, and with our physical calculator but when we give the main exam it will take some time for us to understand or to adjust the online examination format or we can say rules of online examination so what we do is we solve the questions in online test where we have a real exam environment, where we are familiar of using a virtual calculator.

You can also give your exam in mornings or in the afternoon at which the GATE exam is scheduled, so that you have that actual environment of main examination.

Through online test series helps students in managing time efficiently. In offline test, you need to wait for the test results to analyse how well you have written. That might even take several days or months. But in the online test, it is not so! It gives instant result and feedback The online test will also let you track your progress