Hall Effect (Electronics devices and circuits)

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Hall effect


here are the important points for which hall effect is used

  •  To find the type of semiconductor specimen whether semiconductor is P-type or N-type
  •  To find the charge concentration
  •  To find the mobility of charge carrier



What is Hall Effect


Whenever a current carrying semiconductor is subjected to a magnetic field, there will be an induced electric field in the perpendicular direction of the plane consist of I & B, which intern exert a force over the carrier is known ass hall effect.

In above shown figure the direction of current is considers towards X-direction and direction of magnetic field is in Z-direction so induced electric field will have Y-direction because of Lorentz force  





we can easily find the types of semiconductor specimen whether it is P-type or N-type by hall effect. if the consider specimen is N-type then electron will be accumulated to the lower surface of the bar which makes hall voltage \({ V }_{ H }\) positive, similarly if the consider specimen is P-type then holes will be accumulated to the lower surface of the semiconductor bar which makes hall voltage \({ V }_{ H }\) negative.


NOTE – in any case (either P-type or N-type) the direction of exerted force over the charge carrier is negative Y-direction.



 Hall Voltage


\({ V }_{ H }\quad =\quad \frac { BI }{ \rho W } \)    —————(1)


Hall coefficient 


It is defined as the reciprocal of charge density (ρ)


\({ R }_{ H }\quad =\quad \frac { 1 }{ \rho } \)


by equation (1)

\({ R }_{ H }\quad =\quad \frac { W.{ V }_{ H } }{ BI } \)



Application of Hall Effect


  •  To determine type of extrinsic semiconductor (using polarity of \({ V }_{ H }\))
  •  To determine carrier concentration (n)
  •  Used in magnetic field meter
  •  As a hall effect multiplier
  •  To calculate mobility



NOTE – Hall effect is very less effective in case of metal because in metal n is very large

\({ V }_{ H }\) will be very small in order of micro volts.





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